Occupational Therapists teach individuals new and different ways to function independently at home. Provided is rehabilitation concerned with activities of daily living such as: feeding, dressing, toileting, grooming, and bathing. Adaptive techniques and equipment training are provided to increase functional independence.

What can an occupational therapist do?

  • Evaluate a person while on the job to determine his or her ability to complete job tasks.
  • Recommend modifications to job tasks that the worker can complete safely.
  • Identify a worker's meaningful job tasks.
  • Implement and supervise a company's return-to-work program to ensure a safe, productive, and functional work environment.
  • Monitor a worker's progress regularly and reassess to determine when work tasks can be upgraded to full duty.

What can a person returning to work do?

  • Do not overestimate his or her ability and capacity to complete job tasks.
  • Complete tasks gradually on the advice of an occupational therapist, health care professionals, and the employer.
  • Implement the use of assistive devices that may help a person complete a task safely.
  • Develop strength and endurance in performing job tasks.